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Our Stories Actively Involve People
Urban Expé is an agency that specializes in creating digital experiences across the travel, culture and innovative digital leisure sectors.
Urban Expé digitizes narration to bring events and places to life, adopting the most effective and appropriate digital solution to tell stories that actively involve the audience.
These experiences offer an innovative way of showcasing monuments, exhibits, products or content, as well as creating fun and immersive outings and events.

Our Vision
Urban Expé was launched in April 2012 out of a desire to create unique and memorable experiences. Making people dream, surprising them and sparking their desire to discover and share are all key drivers that underpin our commitment to developing new digital leisure activities.
Nathalie Paquet, the founder of Urban Expé, was keen to combine cutting-edge games, generally designed for avid gamers, with more traditional popular games (such as treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, etc.). But above all, her goal was to use games as a tool not just for telling a story but to challenge the audience and actively involve them.
Our world and our territories, swept along in the wake of the digital revolution, can offer exciting new forms of experiences : they change the way we are involved, our relationship with the territory, and our collective way of living.
When territory is narrated, becoming the interface for stories in which people are actively involved, the question ultimately remains the same: what is the best way of telling the story and creating a truly unforgettable experience?
The answer, on the other hand, is always different. The art of spatial storytelling involves drawing on the full range of narrative devices (video games, theme parks, the theatre, etc.) to craft a unique storytelling experience. Urban Expé has honed its expertise in the spatial storytelling field in order to tell compelling, stimulating, entertaining and immersive stories in which people are actively involved.
Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be the hero of The Game!

Our Expertise
Urban Expé encourages people to become actively involved in stories by developing truly unforgettable bespoke experiences that are connected, interactive and scenario-based, using the art of spatial storytelling.
All our experiences are designed to be highly appealing and suitable for all. They forge strong ties with the territory by encouraging communities to become actively involved and discover while simultaneously fostering loyalty and interaction.
The solutions we develop are grounded in both a narrative as well as a technical architecture, specifically designed to enhance the audience’s experience.
The narrative architecture includes the scenario and the editorialised content. We also add a few gaming mechanisms to boost interaction and involvement. Everything is carefully designed to suit the territory in question (context, story, flow). The narrative aspects are responsible for shaping the overall experience, bringing the physical and digital aspects and the environment together into a cohesive whole.
The technical architecture comprizes the various technologies and tools used. One of our priorities is ensuring these aspects remain as invisible as possible, serving exclusively to enhance the audience’s ability to interact with the experience. Urban Expé designs the technical architecture and digital storytelling elements to make it enchanting and accessible to all. Actors and/or tour guides also add a fun, human dimension to these experiences.

Narrative Territories : The Interface for Stories that Actively Involve People

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